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Dear Singer,

Are you Talented and competitive? Then this is your place!
Compete and win!
Excellent atmosphere, fantastic jury and super prizes are waiting for you!
Come in, come in!

The Slovakian Civil Legion of Honour invites you to enter the Elizabeth Hazy International Talent spotter Singing Competition.
If interested please click on the Application menu! Deadline for registration: 25th of August 2018.
Other useful information regarding the competition can be found below:
Please like our Facebook page as all information will be available there.

Grand prize: 5-day OPERA WORKSHOP – master course – in Kehidakustány
1st prize: 400 €
2nd prize: 250 €
3rd prize: 200 €

Thursday 21th of September 2018, 11:00 (please arrive an hour early for the registration)
Deadline for registration and submission of material/base: 10am

940 02 NOVÉ ZÁMKY -Dom kultúry, Hlavné nám. 7, Slovakia

For the selection please bring with yourself:
  • Personal ID or a driver's license or passport
  • parental consent if under 18 years of age
  • proof of paid entry fee (bank statement)
  • your Music (on USB or CD)-piano also available but participants are responsible of bringing their own Pianist
  • Happiness and confidence :-)
The selection is FREE of charge to all interested participants.
You can watch the performances together with friends and family members.
The following hotels will be giving 20% sconto for actors and they companions.
Hotel Korzo- F.Rákócziho u.12 Nové Zámky

Everyone is welcome!

The selection is first come first served -every singer will receive a number.

Performance continues until the jury stops it, or up to 5 MINUTES.

The following categories will be announced:
  • I.Category: women and men over 16 year of age:
    1. opera
    2. operetta
    3. musical
Category entry fee is 40 €/person/genre

Members of the Jury:
Szinetár Miklós
Kossuth-díjas és kétszeres Jászai Mari-díjas magyar színházi, opera-, tévé- és filmrendező
Kertesi Ingrid
Liszt Ferenc-díjas, Érdemes - és kiváló művész, a Magyar Állami Operaház magánénekese, a Halhatatlanok Társulatának örökös tagja
Mgr. Art. Otokar Klein
opera singer, Mayor of Nové Zámky and Chairman of the Jury
Mgr. Terezia Klemen
Jury Secretary, Founding President of the Slovakian Civil Legion of Honor, chief organizer
Agnes Katona
Zenetanár, Nemzetközi Duna Filharmónia Kulturális Plattform elnök, CENTROPE-díjas
Kürthy András
operarendező, Ruzitska-díjas (Kolozsvár), "Az opera értéke) (Iasi), A Magyar Állami Operaház volt műsorigazgatója, a Virginia Zeani Fesztivál (Marosvásárhely) rendezője
Iván Ildikó
The soloist of the Hungarian State Opera House. Professor at the Western University of Savaria University -Department of Music. Professor at the Vienna Conservatory.
Géza Dunajszky
choir director, music teacher

Submitting and providing the musical base is the contestant's own responsibility please do not leave it at home! Accompanists are welcome, piano will be available at the venue.
If requested, piano accompanier will be available-please submit music sheet with application form.

The selection may take up to 6-8 hours depending on the number of applicants!
Those who are travelling via bus or train please notify us in time!

There is a cafeteria and cloakroom in the building. Please see attachment regarding accommodation and how to book it.

22 September 2018.

Arrival at no later than 15:00

The performance may take up to 5-10 minutes.
Please be prepared with several songs: one for the audition, one for the semi-final and 3 for final. You do not know how far you'll get!

September 23, 2018.

The performance may take up to 15 minutes.
Please submit the title of your song by the 25th of August 2018.
The Final will be a grand event please make sure you dress to impress!
The Final will be recorded by a TV channel.

Main sponzor:
Nové Zámky

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Érsekújvár - Nové Zámky city

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